Divine Lasting Care, LLC
Oils, Prayer, and Massage ~ The Trinity of Holistic Care

Prenatal Oil Anointing

Prenatal Oil Anointing was birthed (pun intended) by Danielle in 2012 when asked to give a Raindrop to a client. Danielle was pregnant at the time and knew she wanted to make certain the oils being used were safe for her own developing baby. She began to alter the oils in the Raindrop for her clients, and thought how wonderful it could be for expectant mothers to receive their own version of a Raindrop!  

Many mothers who were at or after 38 weeks gestation began scheduling massage sessions to specifically help prepare for labor and natural deliveries. Many of these women have reported to have been able to go into labor with less anxiety, have faster and easier deliveries, and wonderful labor testimonies.  Added benefit was seen by clients who had regularly been getting massage throughout their pregnancies.

DLC asks for approval from the client's Midwife or Obstetrician prior to receiving massage if any medical concerns are present. If client is at 39 weeks gestation a Personalized Prenatal Oil Anointing will be created to serve each mom individually. Danielle has successfully had six unmedicated natural births all with the assistance of a midwife and/or doula. One in a birthing center in Pennsylvania, one in a labor and delivery floor of a Denver hospital, and four attended homebirths (three of which were in water, one on land).  During your massage session you may be guided through proper breathing techniques, labor relaxation exercises, and positive visualizations, supported by prayer and/or mindfulness.

A sample session could include oils of: 

Exodus II, Surrender, Hope, Peace & Calming, or Valor to begin the labor massage journey.

Citrus Fresh, Tangerine, Orange, or Lemon to uplift 

Spearmint, or Peppermint to energize or settle

Fennel to aid stomach discomfort

Clary Sage for hormonal support

Basil, or Copaiba to reduce discomfort

Aroma Siez for overall wellness

Nutmeg to help relax

Joy, Gentle Baby, Inner Child, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, or Xiang Mao to end the session

DLC is not a licensed Doula nor Midwife. All techniques are within scope of practice as a Licensed Massage Therapist. Danielle L Carr completed Prenatal and Infant massage classes at CSHA in 2011, 2012, and 2013.